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2.36 PM written by Paul Walker. Broadcast on july 2010


Paul Walker re-writes soccer history so that Ireland do qualify for the 2010 World Cup, with a fantasy football chain of events connecting a premier league mid-fielder with an anonymous Irish dad, his football-mad wife, and a guilty secret.


Ryan Tubridy and George Hamilton star as themselves in a football fantasy sequence of events. 2.36pm is based on an idea by Liam Carney.


Liam Carney, as Billy, a loving husband with a guilty secret

Hilda Fay, as Bernie, Billy’s wife and a life-long soccer fan

David Herlihy, as Frank, Liam’s friend,

Marty Rea, as talented midfielder Gavin Roslin who hopes to play for Ireland

Helen Norton, as Gavin Roslin’s mother

Miriam Kelly, as the hospital matron (and other characters)

Joe Taylor as the hospital security guard and other characters

Liz Fitzgibbon, as Catherine the new girl in Bernie’s ward.

Produced by Kevin Brew

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