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‘2020’ is a sequel to ‘The Hit List’ and is part of a trilogy followed by After Life. It stars Brendan Gleeson, Stephen Rea and Angeline Ball and its written and directed by John Boorman

It aired on RTÉ DRAMA ON ONE on 03 April 2012 . It lasts for 47 minutes.


‘2020’, a satirical journey into the Irish future - post-Tiger, post-Euro and post-X-Factor.

It’s 2020 and Ireland is out of the Euro, out of fuel and electricity too. From his wind-powered radio station, Jo Devlin (Brendan Gleeson) broadcasts a message of hope, inviting listeners to his barter exchange where you can “give what you can and take what you need”. But a rival faction urgently seeks a return to rampant consumerism.


Brendan .. Stephen Rea

Áine ........... Angeline Ball

Jo ............... Brendan Gleeson

Hilary ..... Susan Fitzgerald

Also starring Niall Tóibín, Emmet Bergin, , Kate Minogue, Oliver Callan, Paul Ronan, Joe Taylor, Mark Fitzgerald, Charlotte and JJ McNamara.

Music by Colm Mac Ioniomaire and Kevin Brew.

Musicians: Frank McNamara, Charlotte McNamara, Colm Mac Ioniomaire, Mark McGrath and Kevin Brew.

Sound Supervision: Mark McGrath

Dramaturg: Jesper Bergmann

Series Producer: Kevin Reynolds

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