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A Game of Three Halves is a radio play by John Fletcher and Stan Hey. It was first broadcast on BBC Radio on 08 November 1997[1].

A recording is available at the British Library Sound Archive.


A humorous take on the present state of the game.


  • Helen Baxendale
  • Tom Georgeson
  • Anthony Head

Directed by Foz Allen

Critical Reception[]

I warn you: the unremitting madness of John Fletcher's and Stan Hey's comedy may prove too much for you, but its inventiveness will fill you with wonder. I will not even try to seperate out all the components, but here is a random selection: a football star compromisingly attached to a Great Dane; his club chairman (not at all like Alan Sugar); a Malaysian tycoon; an MP; a Russian mafioso; a satellite TV whizz-woman - all itching to make a killing out of the football club. And, up to her tough neck in everyone of the machinations, is the scandal-sheet reporter (Helen Baxendale), "a killer with a Black and Decker where her Biro should be." Peter Davalle. The Times.


Stan and I discussed this play a great deal to start with, but it was entirely written by Stan, with me making minor changes at the end. (John Fletcher)