A Hedge, backwards by Henry Reed
Produced by Douglas Cleverdon
Music by Donald Swann

  • First broadcast on the BBC Third Programme on 29th February 1956
  • Repeated on 2nd March 1956
  • Repeated on 4th February 1958
  • Repeated on 29th August 1969
  • Repeated on BBC Radio 3 on 30th December 1987, in memory of Douglas Cleverdon.

The fourth of Henry Reed's radio plays about the imaginary writer Richard Shewin and Dame Hilda.

The CastEdit

  • George Shewin....Marjorie Westbury
  • Janet Shewin....Gwen Cherrell

Characters in Richard Shewin's prose

  • Paul....Denis Quilley
  • Mrs Bannister....Vivienne Chatterton
  • Roger....Michael Meacham
  • Roger's mother (Daisy Treddle)....Vivienne Chatterton


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