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A Room of Her Own is a radio series first broadcast on BBC Radio 4 in 2006, as installments of Woman's Hour Drama. The series focused on five 20th century female authors, exploring Virginia Woolf's idea that to become a successful writer, a woman needs a space of her own to work in.


Episode Number Title Author Broadcast Date Summary
01 "Virginia" Katie Hims 11 November 2006 Virginia Woolf and Leonard have retreated to their country home in Sussex to escape the bombing of her beloved London. The writing lodge in the garden is her haven and her routines protect her from the mediocrity in which she perceives herself to be drowning.
  • Virginia Woolf....Fiona Shaw
  • Man....Mark Roper
  • Woman....Deborah Farrington
  • Directed by Marina Caldarone
02 "Daphne" Katie Hims 28 November 2006 Daphne du Maurier cultivated relationships with buildings from the start of her literary career. This play celebrates her first inspiration - Ferryside in Fowey, Cornwall.
  • Daphne ...... Finty Williams
  • Woman ...... Phyllida Law
  • Directed by Marina Cadarone
03 "Dodie" Catherine Linstrum 29 November 2006 Dodie Smith's story picks up at a point at which she has lost all credibility as a playwright. Having been the most performed author in the 1930s, she is now, 20 years later, critically bankrupt and yet to enjoy the success of 101 Dalmatians.
  • Dodie Smith....Cheryl Campbell
  • Alec....Edward Tudor Pole
04 "Alison" Sebastian Baczkiewicz 30 November 2006 Drama recorded in the very room in which Alison Uttley, who began writing professionally in her late 40s out of necessity, created Little Grey Rabbit, Sam Pig and an entire magical world that has captivated children for generations.
  • Alison Uttley....Becky Hindley
  • James....Martin Reeves
  • Elsie....Amanda Healer
05 "Vita" John Peacock 01 December 2006 Sissinghurst Castle, Kent. Vita Sackville West is preparing to leave the tower, where she writes, to move back into the main house. At 70, she is saying goodbye to this precious space. Her husband Harold Nicolson is on his way home, the husband from whom she has kept no secret. That is until now.


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