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A Tokyo Murder is a radio play by John Dryden and Miriam Smith. It was first broadcast on BBC Radio 4 in three parts, on 16, 17, and 18 September 2008, as installments of the Afternoon Play. Each installment is 45 minutes in length[1].


A thriller concerning the disappearance of a young British teacher in Japan.


  • Daisy Whitelock - Sophie Cartman
  • Jennifer Whitelock - Lynne Hobday
  • Peter Whitelock - Martin Burns
  • Norio Ito - Ryuji Yoshimura
  • Julie Hill - Rachel Ferguson
  • Assistant Inspector Takasugi - Takuya Matsumoto
  • Superintendent Yamagawa - Teruhiko Nakajima
  • Alex - Michael Naishtut
  • Brie - Erika Hirokawa
  • Akira Takahashi - Nariyasu Kato


  • Ken Endo
  • Daan Archer
  • Shinji Kobata
  • Hiroaki Nojima
  • Masaru Yoshihara
  • Takako Anami
  • Rika Wakasugi
  • Kei Katsumoto


Recorded on location in Tokyo, Japan[2].

Critical Reception[]

“The murders in Tokyo of Lindsay Ann Hawker and Lucie Blackman provide the background to John Dryden’s three-part thriller ….There’s no denying the quality of the writing, and it all reeks of authenticity, having been recorded in Tokyo itself.” - The Times

“Atmospheric, taut, stylish three-part thriller… ” - The Telegraph[3]

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