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A Whole New Me is a series of short radio plays in which each playwright incorporates a self-help tape in the narrative. It was first broadcast on BBC Radio 4 as part of the Women's Hour Drama in 2004 [1].


Episode Number Title Author Broadcast Date Summary
01 "Repeat After Me" Sheila Goff 07 June 2004 Maureen, a bored ex-pat in Spain, fills her time conversing with the voice of a "Teach Yourself Spanish" tape. The light-hearted chats turn more sinister as Maureen discovers how the men in her life have been behaving.

  • Carlos....Bruno Lastra
  • Maureen....Barbara Windsor
  • Teresa....Jacey Salles
  • Produced by....Liz Webb
02 "Lessons in Psychic Awareness" Katie Hims 08 June 2004 A bittersweet comedy, in which Bunny decides to use an American CD - Sheldon's Lessons in Psychic Awareness, to make contact with her dead mother.

  • Bunny....Lyndsay Marshal
  • Dad....Bob Mason
  • Teacher....Kerry Shale
  • Produced by....Claudine Toutoungi]]
03 "Smell the Purple" Llewella Gideon 09 June 2004 Bob is a workaholic, fast-food guzzler. After he suffers a heart attack, his long-suffering secretary Steph persuades him to use a self-help holistic cookery tape to rejuvenate both the inner and outer man.

  • Bob....Ewan Bailey
  • Paramedics....Jon Glover, Philip Fox
  • Steph....Janice Acquah
  • Teacher....Liza Sadovy
  • Produced by....Claudine Toutoungi
04 "Personal Development" Jackie Pavlenko 10 June 2004 Sherilyn is 13 and has a problem. Stuck in the airport changing room, the thought of choosing a holiday bikini is a nightmare. What do you do when you're flat-chested and think you look like a boy? A light-hearted comedy about growing up.

  • Gemma....Joanna McCallum
  • Linda....Emma Amos
  • Mandy....Abbie Nichols
  • Sherilyn....Louisa Lytton
  • Directed by....Pam Marshall
05 "Some Text Missing" Jackie Kay 11 June 2004 Vanessa is in love, with both her secret lover and her mobile phone. On a trip to Rome she finally manages some direct action that will radically change her life.
  • Vanessa....Lesley Sharp

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