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Advanced Band is a comedic (with dramatic overtones) audio drama series based on the creators' experiences in middle school band class. It is filled with 90s nostalgia, retro video game references, teen angst, and awkwardness.

"It's the 90's, Sam is an awkward, poor white-trash teen. Fate had him end up in a predominantly rich magnet school ‘S.K. Gayle Middle School’ an ‘all nerd school’, if you will. Sam played the Alto Sax since fourth grade, and now he was to join Advanced Band."

Cast & Credits[]

Laura Lockwood - Sam & Andy

Dave Maresca - Royce & Johnny

Spike Lancaster - Sam’s Dad

Drew Carson - Mr. Smith

Samson Lancaster - Narration

Creative direction by Eddie Vargas

Advanced Band is a Strength in Gaming Production created by Samson Lancaster, in association with Hollow9ine Network, and Terror Firma Artist Union.

Theme Song: "The Beginning" Exzel Music Publishing ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

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