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Aidan Mathews, sometimes Aidan Carl Mathews, (born 1956) is an Irish writer born in Dublin who worked as a producer on RTÈ drama department. He began working in the Radio Centre in 1984, writing and producing drama and religious programmes and retired from RTÉ on Saturday, January 16th 2021, after thirty-seven years of service.


Aidan Mathews

Aidan Mathews has published four collections of poetry, three books of short stories, one novel, six stage plays, several radio plays, two books on scripture, and a Festschrift for Cearbhall Ó Dálaigh.

As a religious programmes producer, he wrote and broadcast two series of radio-talks: In the Poorer Quarters (2006) and Feasting and Fasting (Christmas and Passover/Easter 2003-2016). While a Mirrielees Fellow at Stanford University, Aidan studied under the literary theorist and anthropologist René Girard.

The Diamond Body (1984), his first stage play, dwelled on the murder of a trans woman, and was written for actor Olwen Fouéré and composer Roger Doyle. It was produced for RTÉ in 1986, but never broadcast.

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