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Alone in Berlin is a radio play by Shelagh Stephenson, based on the German novel by Hans Fallada. It was first broadcast on BBC Radio 4 in two parts, on 14 and 21 November 2010, as installments of the Classic Serial[1].

The play was nominated for the 2011 BBC Audio Drama Awards for Best Adaptation.


When their son is killed "for Fuhrer and Fatherland", the Quangels begin to write anonymous postcards, denouncing the war and the regime, and leave them on the stairwells of public buildings in Berlin. Over two years, the cards become their life. Trapped through a trivial mistake, by their nemesis, Inspector Escherich of the Gestapo (Tim McInnerny) they are put on trial for their lives, but find a strange freedom in a mocking defiance and then in a terrible silence.


  • Otto Quangel ..... Ron Cook
  • Anna Quangel ..... Margot Leicester
  • Escherich ..... Tim McInnerny
  • Trudel Bauman ..... Jasmine Hyde
  • Eva Kluge ..... Christine Kavanagh
  • Enno Kluge ..... Ian Bartholomew
  • Emil Borkhausen ..... Richard McCabe
  • Frau Rosenthal ..... Joanna Munroe
  • Inspector Rusch ..... John McAndrew
  • Judge Fromm ..... Andrew Sachs
  • Inspector Zott ..... Nickolas Grace
  • Inspector Prall ..... Sam Dale

Directed by Eoin O'Callaghan

Critical Reception[]