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Andalaus is a radio play by Tina Pepler, based on the book by Jason Webster. It was first broadcast on BBC Radio 3 on 11 December 2005, with a duration of 90 minutes.


"A young English writer sets out to discover Spain's hidden Moorish past. He visits an enormous, plastic-sheeted farm and witnesses farmers terrorising the largely North African workforce. His life is threatened as he covertly tours this agricultural gulag, but is saved by an illegal immigrant. The unlikely pair of writer and desperado take off on a rollercoaster ride through Andalucía."[1]


  • Jason - Joe McFadden
  • Zine - Omar Berdouni
  • Lucia - Azucena Duran
  • Salud, Carmen - Nuria Benet
  • Mother, doctor - Montserrat Gili
  • Amadeo, priest - Javier Marzan
  • Pedro, Sergio - Luis Soto
  • Old man - Nayef Rashed

Directed by Steven Canny

Critical Reception[]