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Anything Legal is a comedy radio series by Wally K. Daly. It was first broadcast on BBC Radio in 1984, as eight episodes[1][2].


Charles and George will provide any service that can legally be provided but they first have to learn how to run a business.


  • Donald Hewlett
  • Michael Knowles


Episode Number Broadcast Date Title Summary
1 Charles and George are laid off, but afraid to tell anyone.
2 Admitting they've been laid off, Charles and George take action.
3 They earn their first cash, but at what cost?
4 A horrid child and a bizarre giant.
5 George and Charles hire a secretary to boost business.
6 Charles and George's new business course sets tongues wagging
7 Charles and George's DIY skills arouse their wives' suspicions.
8 George's nanny comes to the rescue.

Critical Reception[]