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Assassins by Mike Walker & John Dryden
Produced by John Dryden
BBC Radio 4 - Afternoon Play - 03.08.2009
A Goldhawk Essential production
Length 43mins 59seconds
One of an occassional series of plays where the action takes place in real time: forty three minutes and fifty-nine seconds.
For other plays in the series see: Forty-three Fifty-nine Series


Henry, a professional killer, is sent to Hastings to assassinate a hedge fund manager.
He has brought his daughter Cathy along, who he hopes will one day take over the family business.
But all is not right in Henry's mind, and what should be a routine job begins to spiral out of control.


  • Henry....Rob Jarvis
  • Bryant....Nicholas Farrell
  • Angela....Emily Beecham
  • Cathy....Meghan Haggerty

Critical Reception[]