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Bangers and Mash is a radio comedy series by Katie Hims. It was first broadcast on BBC Radio 4 in 1999[1].


The employees of a small time catering company must pay back the loan sharks - before it's too late.


  • Jimmy - Gerard McDermott
  • Kingsley - Mark Straker
  • Martina - Catherine Harvey
  • Juan Jose - Roger May
  • Carol - Jane Whittenshaw

Directed by Cat Horn


Episode Number Broadcast Date Summary
01 11 January 1999 Martina is not sure if she wants to be a nun any more, so she takes work with a chaotic catering company.
02 18 January 1999 Kingsley has done a runner, and the company is going bust.
03 25 January 1999 Jimmy's sausages and pies are in demand, but what if the nauseous health inspector closes them down just as they really get going?
04 01 February 1999 Father Harry is hired to entertain the OAPs, but will he be in the mood to sing Tom Jones or Leonard Cohen?
05 08 February 1999 Juan Jose's declaration of love has thrown Martina into confusion.
06 15 February 1999 The coffee tin containing half the company profits has not been found.

With only three days left to go, can the two-and-a-half grand be collected in time?


Critical Reception[]