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Knightfall BBC Radio

In 1994, BBC Radio 1 broadcast Batman: Knightfall, an audio drama adaptation of the DC Comics story lines Knightfall, Knightquest and Knight's End. It was adapted, produced and directed by Dirk Maggs, with music composed by Mark Russell, who had recently made Superman: Doomsday and Beyond on BBC Radio 5. This show, however was not commissioned of its own, but rather to be three minute episodes on the Mark Goodier Show. This meant it was written with a sense of immediacy; having to make an instant effect and each three minute segment contains a major plot development or sound effect stunt and end on a cliffhanger. All tolled, the serial ran 65 three-minute episodes, totaling 195 minutes of running time.

"Knightfall" was a sequel to Batman: The Lazarus Syndrome also produced for BBC radio by Dirk Maggs.


  • Bob Sessions as Batman/Bruce Wayne
  • Michael Gough as Alfred Pennyworth
  • Daniel Marinker as Robin/Tim Drake
  • Peter Marinker as Bane, Jack Drake
  • Kerry Shale as Jean Paul Valley/Azrael, The Joker, The Cavalier, Thomas Wayne
  • William Roberts as Commissioner James Gordon, Amygdala, Carlton LeHa, Tough Tony
  • Lorelei King as Renee Montoya, Leslie Thompkins, Lady Shiva, Young Bruce, Martha Wayne, Sarah Essen
  • Eric Meyers as Harvey Bullock, Colonel Vega, Batcave Computer, Joe Chill, Bird, Jeremiah Arkham, Firefly, Nomoz
  • Michael Roberts as The Ventriloquist, Film Freak, Simpson Flanders, Benedict Asp, Hood
  • Alibe Parsons as Shondra Kinsolving
  • James Goode as Nightwing/Dick Grayson, The Scarecrow
  • Stuart Milligan as The Riddler, Maxie Zeus
  • Chris Emmett as Mad Hatter
  • Vincent Marzello as Armand Krol, Abattoir, Mr. Zsasz

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