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Batman The Lazarus Syndrome

Batman: The Lazarus Syndrome is a 1989 BBC Radio 4 broadcast, produced to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the popular comic book character Batman. The story was originally written by Simon Bullivant and Dirk Maggs. It contains references to such Batman stories as Batman: The Killing Joke, Batman: A Death in the Family, Batman: Year Three, and Batman: Son of the Demon.


On the anniversary of his parents murder Batman is set upon by his old enemy Ra’s al Ghul. The battle seems won until an explosion puts Batman on the missing list. With the disappearance of the Batman Commissioner Gordon begins searching for any lead, even going as far as arranging a meeting with The Joker and Catwoman. While in Wayne Manor Bruce Wayne informs Alfred and Nightwing that he is hanging up the cape and cowl forever. But at the same time in some unknown location the true Batman awakens and must regain his strength and awareness before this impostor uses Wayne Enterprises to bring ruin to the world.


  • Bob Sessions ... Batman/Bruce Wayne
  • Michael Gough ... Alfred Pennyworth
  • Paul Maxwell ... Commissioner James Gordon
  • Garrick Hagon ... Ra’s al Ghul, Thomas Wayne
  • Kerry Shale ... The Joker, Det. Harvey Bullock, Batcave Computer
  • Shelley Thompson ... Barbara Gordon, Talia, Young Bruce Wayne
  • Lorelei King ... Catwoman/Selina Kyle, Martha Wayne
  • Alan Marriott ... Nightwing/Dick Grayson, Robin/Jason Todd

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