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Before the Screaming Begins is a radio play by Wally K. Daly, the first part of the Scream Trilogy. It was first broadcast on BBC Radio on 01 July 1978 as an installment of Saturday Night Theatre. The running time is 90 minutes[1].


Tom Harris is abducted by aliens. What is their intent?


  • A.P. Smith - Donald Hewlett[2]
  • Tom Harris - James Laurenson
  • Sally Harris - Jennifer Piercey
  • Alien Voice - Malcolm Gerrard
  • Alien Controller - Manning Wilson
  • Prime Minister - Patrick Troughton
  • Silkine - Peter Wickham
  • Sgt. Forbes - Robert Trotter
  • Sally's Mother - Catherine Parr
  • Nurse - Maggie Oleranshaw
  • Desk Sgt. - Peter Williams

Directed by Martin Jenkins

Critical Reception[]