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Black Jack Justice is an online audio drama from Decoder Ring Theatre. It began in January 2006. The series follows the adventures of private eye partners Jack Justice and Trixie Dixon. The series was created by Gregg Taylor. It was originally a stage play about a radio drama. Taylor later decided to actually produce the radio drama.

In the show opener it is described as being "from the casebook of... Martin Bracknell's immortal detective Black Jack Justice." Martin Bracknell is actually a fictional creation as well. The name was carried over from the stage play and retained as an homage to detective characters like "Mickey Spillane's Mike Hammer," whose creator's names remain with the character despite them having nothing to do with a given project.


  • Christopher Mott as "Black Jack" Justice
  • Andrea Lyons as Trixie Dixon
  • Gregg Taylor as Lt. Victor Sabien, King Jr.
  • Peter Nicol as Freddie "the Finger" Hawthorne
  • Clarissa Der Nederlanden Taylor as Alice Hawthorne
  • M. John Kennedy as Sgt. Horatio Nelson
  • Julie Florio as Dorothy "Dot" Maxwell


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