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Blue Eyed Boy is a radio play by Helen Cross. It was first broadcast on BBC Radio 4 on 29 November 2010, as an installment of the Afternoon Play[1].

The play was nominated for the 2011 BBC Audio Drama Awards in the Innovation Award category.


A documentary-drama by Helen Cross, which tells the true story of her father, Lawrence, the evacuee who never went home. Told through improvised interviews and re-created actuality, the play is constructed as a documentary, as if it were happening now.


  • Violet...Lindsey Coulson
  • Lilian...Jane Godber
  • Dick...John Godber
  • Ronnie...Rasmus Hardiker
  • Lawrence...Albie D'Urso
  • Headteacher...Sean Baker

  • Directed by Mary Ward-Lowery

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