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Bound Feet & Western Dress

Bound Feet And Western Dress by Pang-Mei Natasha Chang
Dramatized in ten parts by Mike Walker
Directed by Mary Ward Lowery
BBC Radio 4 - Womans Hour Drama - 27.03.2000


The true story of Yu-i, a woman born into a Chinese family in 1900 who comes to defy the expectations of her class and culture, which require her to have her feet bound and submit to an arranged marriage.
Episode 1 - 27.03.2000 - At the age of three, Yu-i must eat a special dumpling to soften her feet before the binding process begins.
Episode 2 - 28.03.2000 - A bad prediction by the fortune-teller forces Yu-i to give up her hopes of an education. She prepares for marriage.
Episode 3 - 29.03.2000 - At 13, Yu-i sees her husband's face for the first time.
Episode 4 - 30.03.2000 - Yu-i travels to her in-laws' house to prepare for the wedding.
Episode 5 - 31.03.2000 - Yu-i's husband is cold and silent towards her, but he has done his filial duty - she is expecting a baby.
Episode 6 - 03.04.2000 - Yu-i follows her husband to the West, but she must leave her son behind.
Episode 7 - 04.04.2000 - Yu-i discovers that she is pregnant and is shocked by her husband's reaction to the news.
Episode 8 - 05.04.2000 - As Yu-i's baby is born in Berlin in 1922, her husband demands she sign divorce papers.
Episode 9 - 06.04.2000 - Yu-i returns to China and is reunited with her son after five years apart.
Episode 10 - 07.04.2000 - Concluding the true story of Yu-i, a woman born into a wealthy Chinese family in 1900.


  • Su-Lin Looi
  • Jodie Burden
  • Fiesta Mei Ling
  • Lucy Sheen
  • Adrian Pang

Critical Reception[]