Brass Farthing by Rupert Croft-Cooke
Dramatised by Giles Cooper

Produced by Archie Campbell
BBC Radio Home Service 23.06.1951 Saturday Night Theatre

Dramatisation of the novel first published in 1950
Prolific author Rupert Croft-Cooke also wrote many detective stories under the pseudonym Leo Bruce.


Brass Farthing concerns the events that follow the inheritance by a forty-six-year-old woman, Kathleen Riddle, who had given up marriage to look after her father, of an unexpected fortune after the old man’s death. After two years living between her two selfish and materialistic married sisters, both of whom had been left out of the will, she meets a charming and handsome social dropout twenty-two years younger than herself, Bill Rapier. Much to the dismay of her sisters and their families, who have grown very fond of Katherine’s money, the pair move in together (platonically) and devote themselves to spending that money with reckless abandon. Eventually, after numerous altercations with the relatives, Katherine and Bill divide what’s left of the fortune among her extended family and retire to an obscure rural inn, where they live in simplicity and happiness as publicans, to the secret envy of Katherine’s sisters, who find that money has not made them and their families happy after all.
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