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Caesar! - Empress In The West by Mike Walker

  • Directed by Jenny Mortimer
  • BBC Radio 4 - Classic Serial -25.02.2007
  • The 7th of 9 plays based on the Lives of the Caesars by Suetonius
  • For the other plays see Caesar!


As the Roman Empire begins to fall apart, one woman sees it as an opportunity to wield the power that her gender has always denied her.


  • Victoria....Barbara Flynn
  • Postumus....Danny Webb
  • Marius....Stephen Hogan
  • Galleinus....David Troughton
  • Victorinus....Sam Troughton
  • Saloninus....Nick Boulton
  • Gaul (Atraxis)....Tim Treloar
  • Polydorus/Envoy....Paul Richard Biggin
  • Messenger/Voice 2....Joseph Kloska
  • General/Voice 1/First Slave....Sam Dale
  • Second Slave....Emma Noakes
  • Centurian/Soldier/Driver....Saikat Ahamed

Critical Reception[]