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Caesar! - The Glass Ball Game by Mike Walker

  • Directed by Jeremy Mortimer
  • Music by David Pickvance
  • BBC Radio 4 - Classic Serial - 24.07.2005 - 60 mins
  • The 5th of 9 plays based on the Lives of the Caesars by Suetonius
  • For the other plays see Caesar!


The historian Suetonius is drawn into Hadrian's private life when he befriends the Emperor's young lover, Antinous, and travels with them into the heart of Egypt.
The story of Emperor Hadrian and his relationship with Antinous, who died in mysterious circumstances.


  • Antinous....Andrew Garfield
  • Emperor Hadrian....Jonathan Hyde
  • Empress Sabina....Amanda Root
  • Julia Balbilla....Emily Wachter
  • Pachrates....Stephen Hogan
  • Suetonius....Jonathan Coy
  • Jason Chan
  • Nicholas Boulton

Critical Reception[]