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Caesar! - The Maker Of All Things by Mike Walker
Directed by Jenny Mortimer
BBC Radio 4 - Classic Serial -04.03.2007
The 8th of 9 plays based on the Lives of the Caesars by Suetonius
For the other plays see Caesar!


Constantine had the strength and determination to reunite the Empire, and to give it a new state religion - Christianity.
But what sacrifices must he make when he feels threatened by his own son?


  • Constantine....Sam Dale
  • Crispus....Joseph Kloska
  • Licinius....Mark Straker
  • Helena....Margot Leicester
  • Fausta....Christine Kavanagh
  • Constantius....Trevor Martin
  • Rufus....Struan Rodger
  • Arrius....Paul Richard Biggin
  • Athenasius....Saikat Ahamed

Critical Reception[]