Clive Brill spent over twenty years making Radio and Television programmes for the BBC (mainly drama) - both as an in-house Producer and an Indie. He was commissioning editor of Serials at BBC Radio Drama for 3 years. He edited "Citizens" -Radio 4's Soap for 2 years and produced and directed "The Archers" for two years. He was a Radio Drama Producer in Belfast, Birmingham, Manchester and London and Executive Producer on several BBC TV dramas. Later he became Head of Development for BBC TV Drama Series for 2 years and Producer of several TV Dramas for BBC (Bafta winner for G F Newman's The Healer). Director and Producer of "The Complete Arkangel Shakespeare" (Winner of major award in the US - "Audio Publication of the Year" 2004). Voice Director on "The Magic Roundabout - The Movie". He now works for the independent company Pacificus Productions.


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