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Conor Farrington

CONOR FARRINGTON, actor, playwright and former member of the RTE Players.

Conor Farrington was born on June 17, 1928 in Dublin, Ireland. He joined the RTE Players in 1955 after attending Trinity. He was the original Dr Harry Murphy in the serial, Harbour Hotel. He wrote several plays and radio serials including Death of Don Juan (1951); The Tribunal (1959); The Good Shepherd (1961); The Ghostly Garden (1964) and The Ballad of Cain and Abel (1996) . Along with two other authors from Radio Eirean , poet Austin Clarke and broadcaster Robert Farren, Conor Farrington, continued the age-old tradition in Western drama of the verse-play,

His theater play, Aaron Thy Brother, was staged in the Abbey Theatre in 1968. His last stage performance was as Polonious in Hamlet in the Dublin Theatre Festival in 1990. Died in Dublin aged 68 on 1996.