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Dangerous Word by Giles Cooper
BBC Radio Home Service 19.02.1962


"Dangerous Word" is the least fantastic of Cooper's plays - it is concerned with the administration of justice in modern Africa. A man is sent to be district magistrates in Combermere. He finds the white community there arrogant, complacent, and totally cut off from the coloured community around them. He is determined to give equal justice to black and white, but he carries this out like a fanatic. Opinion turns against him, and he finds his actions being misinterpreted. He persists and disaster follows. Giles Cooper has said that the play is the tragedy of a man who sees himself as a dispenser of justice and is cast down for his arrogance. He discovers there is no absolute justice.

summarised from an article by Michael Bakewell written in 1961 in "From the Fifties" in the book of the BBC radio drama series.

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