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Daphne Carroll , (Dublin November 5th 1923- February 8th 2015] daphne had a long and distinguished career on RTE radio weekly play, broadcast live, Long standing member of the RTÉ Players with her husband, the late Dennis Brennan. Daphne's voice was light and pretty, leading her to be cast as children and ingenues well into middle age. Daphne Carroll was the Matriarch of one of Ireland’s biggest theatrical dynasties. Wife of Denis Brennan and mother of established actors Barbara Breenan, Stephen Breenan, Cathryn Breenan, Jane Breenan and Paul Brennan and grandmother to actor Eva Bartley. Trained at the Abbey School under Lennox Robinson, Daphne joined Shelagh Richard’s Company at the Olympia Theatre and, subsequently, Lord Longford’s Company.

Daphne then joined the Radio Eireann Players, performing, very nearly, the whole gamut of Irish and World Classic Plays. For many years and her voice became synonymous with iconic daily serials, The Kennedys of Castlerosse and Harbour Hotel being foremost.

However, in 1976, Daphne returned to the stage to play Mrs. Henderson in James Flannery’s production of Yeats’ The Words on the Window Pane. She then continued to perform leading stage roles, when her radio commitments allowed. On her retirement from RTÉ,  Daphne continued to perform until her mid- eighties’, particularly on film and Television, including Strumpet City, Da and Caught in a Free State.

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