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Dead Perfect is a radio play by John Fletcher. It was first broadcast on BBC Radio 3 in June, 1994[1]. Fletcher used books by David Foot and Ralph Barker as sources of information. The play was written for a series of Radio 3 plays which were meant to interweave music and drama.

A recording is available at the British Library Sound Archive:


Based on the life of legendary Somerset cricketer Harold Gimblett.


  • Gimblett - Tom Wilkinson
  • Narrator - Christopher Benjamin
  • Mr. Penney - David King
  • Young Harold - Matthew Rudge
  • Denis - Tom Laurenson
  • Spectator - Terence Edmond
  • Spectator - George Parton

Recorded at Maida Vale, by Jane Morgan, with music composed by Barrington Phelong

  • Directed by [[]]

Critical Reception[]

The story is based on the life of the Somerset and England cricketer Harold Gimblett, an extraordinary man who committed suicide to end a life that frequently strayed close to clinical insanity. Perhaps as interesting as the story itself is the way the production explores the use of radio sound, mixing words with music in a way that will not please every ear. But it mostly works, even if there are moments when the one intrudes on the other. The Times.