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Death of an Ugly Sister is a radio play by John Peacock. It was first broadcast on BBC Radio 4 on 30 December 1995, as an installment of Saturday Night Theatre. The running time is 90 minutes[1][2].


A very dark comedy of pantomime, serial murder, crack addiction and secret gay sex.......


  • Roy Barraclough
  • Paul Shane
  • Linda Regan
  • John Alstead
  • Tina Grey
  • Jilly Meares
  • Gordon Reade
  • Annabel Mullion
  • Christopher Sidon
  • Oliver Sentinel
  • David Lerner
  • Crawford Logan
  • Peter Yapp
  • Michael Tudor Barnes
  • Becky Hindley
  • Sandra Bowe
  • James Beatty

Music by:

  • Trevor Allen Davies
  • Herbie Flowers
  • Mark Doffman

Stage Management by:

  • Richard Beardsmore
  • Anne Bunting
  • Rebecca Kirby
  • Joanna Kyle

Directed by Ned Chaillet

Critical Reception[]