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In the summer of 2007, Decoder Ring Theatre released the Summer Showcase, an anthology featuring six new podcasts showcasing stories by different writers. The most popular of these were two episodes of the space opera Deck Gibson, Far Reach Commander, written and created by Parsec Award-winning author Matt Wallace.

In the summer of 2008, Deck Gibson became an ongoing series with the introduction of 6 new episodes. The podcast chronicles the adventures of Deck Gibson as he follows the mission of the Far Reach Fleet: to explore, to discover, to defend. Now he soars beyond frontiers of the galaxy never before seen by human eyes.


  • Jonathan Llyr as Deck Gibson
  • Lesley Livingston as Control
  • Steven Burley as Black Scales
  • Monica Cote as Entheriel
  • Gregg Taylor as Lt. Jason T. McDowell



1. Deck Gibson and the Star Dust Dancers
2. Deck Gibson and the Last Squadron Fighter


3. Deck Gibson and the Room with No View
4. Deck Gibson and the Tundra of Terror
5. Deck Gibson and the Court of Eternity
6. Deck Gibson and the Plutonium Man
7. Deck Gibson at the End of the Universe part 1
8. Deck Gibson at the End of the Universe part 2

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