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Dickens And The Dandy or Dickens And Dizzy by [ [] ]
Directed by Tracey Neale
BBC Radio 4 - 23.06.2008
Episode 3 Series 2 of Dickens Confidential
Series of plays looking at how Charles Dickens, as the head of a daily paper, would have tackled bringing the news to the masses.


In the weeks leading up to Queen Victoria's coronation, Dickens meets Benjamin Disraeli, a journalist and ambitious young politician. There is an instant rivalry and unease between the two men, which only increases when the team believe they have uncovered a secret that Disraeli wants to keep hidden.


  • Charles Dickens....Dan Stevens
  • Agnes Paxton....Eleanor Howell
  • Daniel Parker....Andrew Buchan
  • Benjamin Disraeli....Julian Rhind-Tutt
  • William Percy....Bertie Carvel
  • Mary Anne Wyndham Lewis....Liz Sutherland
  • Lady Londonderry....Joan Walker
  • Rachel....Lydia Leonard
  • Official....Ben Crowe
  • Footman....Nyasha Hatendi
  • Archbishop....Dan Starkey
  • Speaker....Stephen Critchlow
  • Rabbi....Alan Lee

Critical Reception[]