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Murder In The Red Barn by Mike Walker
Directed by Tracey Neale
BBC Radio 4 - 07.07.2008
Episode 5 Series 2 of Dickens Confidential
Series of plays looking at how Charles Dickens, as the head of a daily paper, would have tackled bringing the news to the masses.


When the body of a young baby is found floating on the River Thames, the Herald's chief correspondent Daniel Parker is given the task of finding out why.
While his investigations take him and Charles Dickens into the poverty stricken areas of the City, Agnes is in the thick of philanthropy and theatricals in Belgravia.


  • Charles Dickens....Dan Stevens
  • Agnes Paxton....Eleanor Howell
  • Daniel Parker....Andrew Buchan
  • Mr Dudman....Henry Goodman
  • Mrs Dudman....Joan Walker
  • Sarah....Liz Sutherland
  • Mrs Kindly....Helen Longworth
  • The Boatman....John Rowe
  • Equerry/Stallholder/PC....Chris Pavlo

Critical Reception[]