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Railway Kings by Mike Walker
Directed by David Hunter
BBC Radio 4 - 02.05.2007
Episode 1 Series 1 of Dickens Confidential
Series of plays looking at how Charles Dickens, as the head of a daily paper, would have tackled bringing the news to the masses.


Chief Correspondent Jack Marshall investigates the causes of a tragic railway accident, a difficult task since the owner of the railway is a shareholder in the paper and his daughter is in charge of petty cash.


  • Dickens....Jamie Glover
  • Jack....Freddy White
  • Agnes....Jasmine Hyde
  • Joseph Paxton....John Dougall
  • Howerd....Sam Dale
  • Mickey's Jim....Gerard Murphy
  • Bristol Jenny....Alex Tregear
  • Widow....Rachel Bavidge
  • Navvy....Anthony Glennon

Critical Reception[]