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The Deal by Rob Kinsman
Directed by David Hunter
BBC Radio 4 - 30.06.2008
Episode 4 Series 2 of Dickens Confidential
Series of plays looking at how Charles Dickens, as the head of a daily paper, would have tackled bringing the news to the masses.


When a timid doctor is accused of murdering his wealthy older lover, Dickens alone is convinced of his innocence. His journalistic team's investigations descend into the harsh territory of the debtors' prison. Everything, it seems, comes down to money.


  • Charles Dickens....Dan Stevens
  • Agnes Paxton....Eleanor Howell
  • Daniel Parker....Andrew Buchan
  • Brickman....Gerard McDermott
  • Harper....Stephen Critchlow
  • Blind Bill....John Rowe
  • Maria....Liz Sutherland
  • Dr Widdershins....Simon Treves
  • Prosecutor....Nyasha Hatendi
  • Turnkey....Dan Starkey
  • Judge....Chris Pavlo

Critical Reception[]