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John Boorman's RTÉ play, Domestic Robots,

The cast and crew of John Boorman's RTÉ play, Domestic Robots,

Written and directed by John Boorman .

First aired in RTÉ radio 1, 23rd Sept 2018. 40 minutes


"Sick of the daily commute? Domestic Robots - How to prepare people for a post working society."

John Boorman  on "Domestic Robots"  : "Just as generals are always fighting the last war, so politicians are fighting the last election, or more often, elections of 20 years ago. The almost religious belief in the wisdom of the Market excuses its advocates from thinking about its catastrophic effects in a rapidly changing world. In writing this play I have made the optimistic assumption that a visionary statesman will arise. He, or more likely she, will see that robots are creating huge wealth and mass unemployment. She will appropriate that wealth to the state and provide every adult with a comfortable stipend, an arrangement already in place in some countries.  Wind and wave energy will provide all the electricity the nation requires leaving a huge surplus which will be exported. Our leaky old water pipes will be cleverly replaced by inserting new pipes inside the old ones.  This will create a water surplus which tankers will ferry to the Middle East. Ireland’s rain will become its greatest asset and clean water will cost more than oil per gallon. All-electric vehicles, clean energy and vegetarianism will solve climate change.  Nations will agree to reduce their populations to the level that the planet can support. All nations measure their success by growth of GNP. They will have to learn that growth is the one thing we can no longer afford. As all our needs are satisfied by ordering through our domestic robots, money and currencies will simply wither away, as Karl Marx predicted it they would. The pressing problem will then be how to prepare people for a post working Society"


Narrator …                           John Boorman

Helen …                               Kathy Rose O’Brien  

Neil ...                                   Rory Keenan

Delivery/ Collector Robot … Eamon Morrissey

Robot ...                                Brendan Gleeson

Mammy...                              Marion O’Dwyer

Aoife …                                 Helen Norton

Sean …                                 Stephen Rea

Alfred  …                               Enda Oates

Sound Design Damian Chennells and Kevin Brew

Sound Supervision Damian Chennells

Written and Directed by John Boorman

The Producer was Kevin Reynolds

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