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Dora's Women is a 2006 BBC Radio 4 series of readings, written for and performed by Dora Bryan. The series was directed by Martin Jenkins for the Afternoon Reading time slot[1].


Episode Title Plot First broadcast
1 Tinkling the Ivories by Stephen Wyatt Back in demand, Elisa Fortunata, Queen of the Keyboards, recalls the romance and magic of the silent movies. 03 July 2006
2 Keep Taking the Tablets by Jimmie Chinn Amy prepares for a painful interview with Mr Purvis and Mr Peach - a meeting which will profoundly affect her marriage. 04 July 2006
3 Rooster by Roy Apps A confrontation with a randy old rooster leads to an explosive climax. 05 July 2006
4 The Child Within by Wally K. Daly Waiting in the wings, can the Good Fairy of the pantomime empathise with all the excited children? 06 July 2006
5 Hide by David Pownall "In all that time you'd think she'd have found out, wouldn't you?" What is the dark secret? 07 July 2006

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