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A BBC Radio 3 play by Gary Mitchell about music, friendship and politics. ‘Echoes of War’ moves between present day Belfast and the last 20 years, and explores the loose ends left by the 1998 Good Friday Agreement. Originally broadcast as part of the ‘Drama on 3’ series on 18 January 2009.


Hugh, a music teacher, has had an accident and is visited in hospital by his talented pupil Charlie and his wife Sharon. He looks back on how their relationships evolved over the years as working-class Protestants feel increasingly marginalised by political change.


B.J. Hogg as Hugh

Stuart Graham as Charlie.

Also featuring Alexandra Ford, Patrick Jenkins and James Doran in the cast.

Musicians: Ivan Gilliland, Rod McVey, David Quinn and Mark Wilson.

Written by Gary Mitchell.

Directed and produced by Roland Jaquarello.