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Emerald Germs

Emerald Germs, is a 2000's series of nine radio plays for RTÉ adapted from Patrick McCabe’s book, for which Gavin Friday and Maurice Seezer composed the music,

Featuring a high profile cast including Niall Toibin, Pauline McLynn, Pauline Flanagan, Pat Kinevane, Joan O’Hara, Mick Lally, Mikel Murfi and Gina Moxley, Emerald Germs are based on the life and times of Pat McNab, who lives with his mother on the house on the hill outside Gullystown and within a striking distance of Tommy Sullivan’s Select Bar.

Each story has a title of a well-known song or ballad ranging from ‘Love Story’ to ‘The Garden Where the Praties Grow’.

The first play in the Emerald Germs of Ireland series is ‘The Turfman from Ardee’. It stars Joan O’Hara, Pat Kinevane, Niall Toibin, Séan Rocks, Pat McGrath, Ciaran Owens and Kathy Downes. Don Cockburn returns to read the news and Jimmy Magee and Lorna Madigan also make an appearance.

McCabe described the project in a Hot Press interview:

“It’s called Emerald Germs. The boys are doing the music for it, and we’re hopefully gonna do it with RTE radio, and maybe a CD after that. It’s a collection of 15 stories named after songs, some of them Irish ballads, others ones I’ve made up. There’s a James Bond spoof in it called ‘Don’t Say Whenever, Whenever’; a kind of blaxploitation thing called ‘Wakka Wakka’; and ‘Voodoo One’, which is set in Haiti by way of a tiny Irish village. There’s also one called ‘Island Of Dreams’ about this guy whose mammy turns up, except she comes out of the wardrobe in a Haitian mask, drums, all this.” Another story is a Taxi Driver spoof entitled ‘Tractor Driver’.

The nine plays are:

  • The Turfman From Ardee
  • Whisky On A Sunday
  • Old Flames
  • South Of The Border
  • The Garden Where The Praties Grow
  • Love Story
  • Stop! Hey, what’s That Sound?
  • Three Lovely Lassies From Bannion
  • 21 Years

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