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Fairest Isle by Stephen Wyatt

  • Directed by Martin Jenkins
  • Part of the BBC Radio 3's 1995 Fairest Isle festival (a celebration of British music and culture) produced by Anthony Pitt
  • (Fairest Isle was an ambitious project which marked 1995 – the 300th anniversary of the death of Henry Purcell)


A Sony Award-winning drama on the the creation of "King Arthur" by composer Henry Purcell and poet John Dryden.


  • Benjamin Whitrow
  • Ian Hughes
  • Barbara Jefford
  • John Shrapnel
  • John Rowe
  • Trader Faulkner
  • Deborah Berlin
  • Derek Waring
  • Peter Yapp
  • Don McCorkindale
  • Gavin Muir
  • David Antrobus

Critical Reception[]

Sony Radio Award


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