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Figure With Meat is a radio play by Craig Warner. It was first broadcast on BBC Radio 3 on 20 August 1991[1].

The play won a Giles Cooper Award


When Colin died he was thinking of his favourite painting, Francis Bacon's portrait of a laughing cardinal surrounded by carcasses of meat. But will Colin become one of those carcasses?


  • Colin - Clive Merrison
  • Malcolm - Alan Marriott
  • Noah/Fly - Ronald Herdman
  • Pope/God - Brett Usher
  • Blues Singing Ghost - Joanna Myers
  • Engleby - Alan Barker
  • Older Woman - Judy Parfitt
  • Edna Penfold - Lynsey Baxter
  • Cardinal - Paul Cresswell
  • Songs composed and performed by Craig Warner
  • Music directed by Stuart Gordon
  • Piano played by Will Gregory
  • Directed by Andy Jordan

Critical Reception[]