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Football Stories for Girls is a series of five plays by Katie Hims. It was first broadcast on BBC Radio 4 in 2002, as 15-minute installments of Woman's Hour Drama[1].


Five stories portraying football from a woman's perspective.


Directed by Mary Peate


Play Number Title Broadcast Date Summary
01 "Stealing Alfredo" 10 June 2002 Setting out to buy a birthday present for his soccer-mad granddaughter, a man has an encounter with a cardboard cut-out.
02 "When I Got Lost" 11 June 2002 Rachel's brother was tipped for soccer stardom - until the day he disappeared.
03 "Mr Belling" 12 June 2002 Carol works in a seaside cafe. One day, a famous footballer comes in and, taken by her Marilyn Monroe outfit, asks her to a game
04 "Tallulah's Game" 13 June 2002 A former Women's Premier League footballer finds out that a girl who works in the local supermarket has just been signed up.
05 "Death or Glory" 14 June 2002 Maggie tries to find out why her husband left her. Is her relationship somehow linked to the fate of the England team?


Critical Reception[]