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What if you couldn't remember a single minute of the ten years you'd spent with the love of your life? Joe can remember everything about Ally; Ally remembers nothing about Joe.


Joe ..... Alex Jennings
Ally ..... Juliet Stevenson


Written by Peter Souter

Directed by Gordon House

Duration: 45 minutes

First broadcast: BBC Radio 4/ Wednesday 2nd April 2008

Awards: Winner of the Tinniswood Award 2009

The judges said: Goldfish Girl is a perfectly paced radio drama. Just two characters sustain the action, the story behind the play unfolding through their conversations. The sophistication of this carefully crafted dialogue draws the reader in so vividly that you can hear the voices of Ally and Joe in your head. Peter Souter at first withholds but then gradually discloses, until in the final moments of the play the emotion bursts through with haunting power and resonance.'