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Goodbye to Berlin is a radio play by Tina Pepler, adapted from the novel by Christopher Isherwood. It was recorded on location in East Berlin, and first broadcast (in two parts) on BBC Radio on 03 and 10 October 2010, as an installment of the Classic Serial. Each installment was 60 minutes in length.


Isherwood's dramatic eyewitness account of Berlin in the early 30s, the book that inspired Cabaret.

Living in Berlin as a young man, Isherwood encountered a range of vibrant characters both ordinary and extraordinary whose daily lives reflect a city and its people at a very particular time in history. He observed at first hand how ordinary people, at every level of society, became sucked into the new era of Hitler and his kind.


  • Christopher Isherwood - James Norton
  • Natalia Landauer - Nicola Schoessler
  • Fraulein Schroder/Sally Bowles - Leslie Malton
  • Fraulein Mayr - Julia Reznik
  • Herr Landauer - Matthias Horn
  • Bernhard Landauer - Andre Kaczmarczyk
  • Otto Nowak - Tilmar Kuhn
  • Sound Design - Eloise Whitmore
  • Piano - Paulette Marla Schmidt
  • Directed by Polly Thomas

Critical Reception[]

"The soundscapes were rich, with often jarring layers, music colliding with the rush of life, and harsh noise (a husband beating his wife, the smashing of glass) a productive counterpoint to James Norton's soft-voiced and impressionable-sounding Isherwood. Out of this cacophony emerged vividly drawn characters, and a real sense of menace as antisemitism grew louder within it." - Elizabeth Mahoney, The Guardian[1]