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Green Lantern: Man Without Fear is a fan-produced audio drama from Misfits Audio. It follows the adventures of the DC Comics characters. Begun in April 2011, the series includes all four of earth's Green Lanterns - Hal Jordan, Kyle Rayner, Jon Stewart and Guy Gardner, and builds on plot elements from the comic books.


  1. The Capture
  2. Questionable Motives
  3. It's the Law
  4. History Lesson, Part 1
  5. History Lesson, Part 2
  6. History Lesson, Part 3
  7. History Lesson, Part 4


  • Darren Marlar as Hal Jordan
  • H. Keith Lyons as Guy Gardner, Kilowog, Atrocitus
  • Chris Stadther as Jon Stewart
  • Jack Calk as Kyle Rayner
  • Rish Outfield as Sinestro, Voz
  • Philip Weber as Oliver Queen/Green Arrow
  • Glenn Gover as Sodam Yat
  • Julian Bane as Abin Sur
  • Caith Donovan as Tomar Re
  • M. Sierio Garcia as Carol Ferris
  • Bernadette M. Groves as Tora Olafsdotter/Ice
  • Jim Witt as Buck
  • Tonja Milojevic as Zorinda
  • M.J. Cogburn as the Announcer

  • Jim Smagata ... Editor
  • Jovian Lab ... Producer