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Greta at The Gresham, written by Bernard Farrell, broadcast Sunday 6th September 2015 on RTÉ Drama on one

Boy meets girl in a brief encounter on an ancient island in an Irish lake, and they talk through the moonlit night of this and that and their two bespoken lives. They will meet again, they promise, at some future point. They will meet again, and by appointment, too. They will meet in the lobby of a Dublin hotel in six straightforward years, no more, no less, where they will compare their dealings and their disappointments in the unforeseen meantime.

With Dawn Bradfield as Greta and Bryan Murray as Jerry with a J, Bernard Farrell’s new radio-play establishes the most poignant traditions of melodrama and romantic comedy – only to subvert their moonshine in the overcast conditions of ordinary life.

Produced by Aidan Mathews.

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