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In the Native State is a radio play by Tom Stoppard. It was first broadcast on BBC Radio 3 on 20 April 1991. The play won a Giles Cooper Award and Felicity Kendal won a Sony Award for Best Performance. It was Peggy Ashcroft's final performance.


A story alternating between 1930's India and Britain in 1990. The intertwined lives of an Indian painter and a British family.


  • Mrs. Swan - Peggy Ashcroft
  • Flora Crewe - Felicity Kendal
  • Nirad Das - Sam Dastor
  • Anish Das - Lyndam Gregory
  • The Rajah - Saeed Jaffrey
  • Mr. Pike - William Hootkins
  • Captain David Durance - Simon Treves
  • Mr. Coomaraswami - Renu Setna
  • The Resident - Brett Usher
  • Francis Swan - Mark Straker
  • Nazrul - Amerjit Deu
  • Nell - Emma Gregory

Directed by John Tydeman

Critical Reception[]



The play is now available on the BBC CD Tom Stoppard Radio Plays.