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Inspector Cadaver by Georges Simenon
Dramatized by David Cregan
Directed by Patrick Rayner
BBC Radio 4 - 03.05.2004

Episode 3 of a 4th series of Maigret dramatizations


It was only as a favour to his inspecting magistrate that Chief Inspector Maigret agreed to investigate rumours about a death in the village of St Aubin.
But when he arrives he finds his investigation undermined by an old adversary, the disgraced Inspector 'Cadaver'.
Baulked by a town united in silence, Maigret is determined to uncover the truth - however ugly.


  • Maigret....Nicholas Le Prevost
  • Simenon....Julian Barnes
  • Naud....Michael N.Harbour
  • Cavre/Another Voice....David Bannerman
  • Madame Naud....Karen Archer
  • Brejon/Mayor's Sec/ Voice....Philip Fox
  • Alban....John Rowe
  • Genevieve....Alice Hart
  • Madame Retailleau/Post Mistress/Landlady....Joanna McCallum
  • Louis....Scott Brooksbank

Critical Reception[]