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Iron Man Vol 2 1

Circus 13 Productions' Iron Man is a fan produced audio drama series based on the Marvel Comics series. It is adapted by Timm Gillick from Iron Man issues written by Scott Lobdell.


  • Jerry Scullion as Iron Man/Tony Stark
  • Paul Mannering as Jasper Sitwell
  • David Sobkowiak as Happy Hogan, Doc Samson
  • Jason Tureman as Bruce Banner
  • Shock Dingo as the Hulk
  • Kitty Pryde as Pepper Potts
  • Laura Post as Liz Ross
  • Emilie Gillick as the Computer
  • Ken Eaken as the Narrator


  1. Heart of the Matter (based on Iron Man V2 #1)
  2. Hulk Smash (based on Iron Man V2 #2)

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