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It's Better With Animals by Mike Walker
Directed byJudith Kampfner
Specially composed music by Jon Nicholls
BBC Radio 4 - Afternoon Play - 31.07.2008


Mike Walker's play is based on three short stories: The Red Fox Fur Coat by Teolinda Gersao, Blue Waltz with Coyotes by Jean Dixon and Pie Dance by Molly Giles.
An elderly proprietor of a fur shop in New York narrates three touching, funny and magical tales of animals, furs, and their impact on three different women.


  • Shopkeeper/Konrad....Russell Horton
  • Eve/Mom....Jennifer Van Dyck
  • Ellie/Pauline/Cop....Laura Dean
  • Barbara/Karen....Tory Wood
  • Dad/Gerry Mac/Mugger....Kevin T Collins
  • Children....Kate Kearns, Maggie Langer, Flora Salmand

Critical Receptions[]